Méthode de travail

Working Method

Whichever our task may be, we build our offers into short-term independent serial steps (1-6 weeks) in order to :

  • Make the follow-up easier

  • Get faster results

  • Increase your visibility

  • Guarantee the quality and efficiency of our work

  • Meet delivery deadlines

  • Keep cost under control


We only work in lumpsum.

It is often difficult or impossible to provide for the real costs of research and development.

In addition to controlling the cost, lumpsum allows us to simplify our management and concentrate upon the real thing:  satisfying you!


We only work with result requirements.


Shall we succeed? This simple question too often prevents projects from coming to life.

Forget it! Steps allows us to guarantee every goal.

The goal is not reached? The step is then not approved and you do not pay.

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