Who are we ?

Based in Villefranche-sur-Saône, Motion engineering is a specialist of fields linked to sport and mobility.

We do not work on common fields, such as mechanical part sizing, realization of drawings, industrialization of existing parts or declination of existing technologies.

We only select innovating and complex projects.

Our force relies upon our level of expertise, and execution speed.

By trusting us your project, you can be sure of its success in a short-time period.

You wish to innovate, increase your development speed, open new opportunities for yourselves, explore new fields, get fast answers and prepare the tomorrow products? It is our job!




  • CAO and finite element calculations

  • Quick prototyping (Plastic and Resine 3D printing)

  • Machining protototyping

  • Composite prototyping (hollow piece, high precision, carbon “forging”)

  • Static and dynamic tests (deformation, stiffness, breaking, fatigue)

  • Field tests (deformation, stresses, acceleration)



  • Mechanics

  • Hydraulics

  • Materials

  • Physics

  • Cycles statics, kinematics and dynamics 

Area of intervention

  • Solid Works 

  • 3D printing plastic “UPBOX” (PLA, ABS)

  • 3D Printing with specific wires “Spider” (glath, carbon, etc…) 

  • 3D Printing SLA “Formlab” (stiff and souple resins, etc…) 

  • CNC

  • Conventional lathe

  • 20 tons Heating press for composite designed specifically for Motion

  • Hydraulic test bench “Andreani DB4”

  • 2.5 tons Test bench designed for Motion

  • Telemetry



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